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Yet,as the world remains witness to intensive political and economic structural shifts, the Wenping Group continues to grow,due to its solid structure and quick adaptability. In these times, the unvarying pace of scientific and technological advances makes it critical for companies to capture and preserve their share of international markets,and foster long-term growth, by securing and registering their IP Rights.
Because the virtues of trustworthiness, conscientiousness and having a keen sense of responsibility essentially constitute our business philosophy, we are confident we can ably assist clients in realizing their IP oriented goals efficiently.

Operating for the first time in Taipei in 1949,the Wenping Group set up an associate office in Osaka in 1952 and established a Tokyo office in 1953 which then became the main office.
Four years later the Group commenced business in Hong Kong, followed by Singapore in 1970. Anticipating the expansion of the bustling Chinese economy, the Beijing office was set up in 1993.
While errors in translation may lead to narrowing of the scope of patent claims or trademark rights,affecting enforcement options, available in-house expertise in English, Mandarin and Taiwanese gives us a rare advantage to secure accuracy in the scope of rights registered and accelerated processing of applications, and provide reliable search results without delay.
Therefore, owing to the synergetic network of associates in these major cities of Asia, the Wenping Group remains at the forefront to provide you prompt and efficient service at reasonable cost.

In our more than fifty years in the field of intellectual property,we grew in tandem with our clients, and the multifaceted nature of our experience has undoubtedly contributed to our development as a well-integrated IP organization.
Ever mindful of clients' benefits, we strive to provide a comprehensive answer to every need, as the success of any venture pursued by the client is our own. We therefore take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude for the generous patronage of our clients as we look forward to forging new relationships and making existing ties more closely knit than ever.
As the 21st century progresses, enterprises will unhesitatingly bid for market leadership as nations or regions struggle to dominate or simply survive. Bearing this in mind, we intend to build further on our strengths to continually provide services of optimum quality for our clients.